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The Offering, solo show

To me dragons represent the energy, the force of evolution. The Chinese dragon especially resonates with the very core of my being.

A balance between beauty, ferociousness and a definite element of playfulness when in possession of the fire ball, describe these marvelous creatures. Talons flying all over the place, mane streaming, eyes popping and the curve of the body as it winds it's way around columns, or flies over the roofs of temples in pursuit of the ever evasive fire balls- dragons just blow my mind.

Putting them on teapots and jars is a symbolic statement of what I conceive to be a reflection of my work.

The teapot represents the conservative, conventional form of the craft I practice. It reflects

discipline and functionality.

The dragon represents the force of evolution that breaks out of the static and pushes us beyond

our limitations.


One of my first experiences with Porcelain made it clear that I was handling a very sensitive and receptive material. I was rolling out a slab and a tiny ant got trapped

between the roller and the porcelain slab. To my complete amazement, the ant freed itself

from the porcelain leaving a perfect imprint of itself behind. Then, proceeded to walk away

unharmed. From then onward, I have been an avid pupil of this clearly 'conscious' material.

The only limitations I faced were my own. Porcelain still remains my preferred medium.


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